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'Queendom' Sister Bliss Remix - Mix

The Ayoub Sisters

Album- The Ayoub Sisters - No1 Selling Classical Crossover Album - 2017- Mix

Arthur Baker

Album Tracks - 'Give In To The Rhythm' - Eng


Single 'Wish I Didn’t' - Write/Prod



EP Closer - Closure - Mix



12” 'Single I Miss You' - Mix

Black Grape

Remix - 'Get Higher' - Eng


Singles 'Nothing Is Real But The Girl' & 'Forgive and Forget' - Mix

Booka Shade

Album Track 'Sweet Lies' - Mix



Album - War Room Stories - Mix

AJ Brown

Single -  'Ain't Nobody'


The Cardigans

Remix - 'My Favourite Game'(Faithless Mix) - Mix


One Giant Leap

Jamie Catto & Duncan Bridgeman

Album & Film 'One Giant Leap' - Mix
Grammy nomination for best film soundtrack 2002

Cinematic Orchestra

Radio Mix 'To Build a Home' - Add Prod/Mix

Cold Cut

Single 'Walk a Mile in My Shoes' feat. Robert Owens  - Add Prod/Mix
Single 'True Skool' feat. Roots Manuva - Add Prod/Mix


Craig David 

Album 'Booty Man' - No.1 Album

' Born To Do It' - Mix
'Last Night'- Mix
'Time to Party'- Mix


Laith Al Deen
Single 'Damit Ich Wieder Schalfen Kann' - Add Prod/Mix



'Here With Me' (Chillin' With The Family Mix) - Eng Remix


Album 'No Angel' - Winner 2 Brit Awards - Record and Mix

Duran Duran

Single 'Falling Down' (T-empo Remix) - Mix

The Egg

Single 'Getting Away With It' - Prod/Mix


Ella Eyre

Single 'Comeback' Stripped Version - Mix

Single 'Togehter' Acoustic Version - Mix


Album 'Sunday 8pm' - Record & Mix
Album 'Reverence' - Record & Mix

including hit singles 'Insomnia', 'Salva Mea', 'God Is A DJ'

Fine Young Cannibals

12” Single I’m Not The Man I used To Be' (Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix) - Mix



Remix 'Can You Feel It - Mix

Henning Fuchs

A New Beginning - Album - Mix

Gaia - Album - Mix

Dario G

Album 'In Full Colour 'incuding hit single 'Dream To Me' - Mix


Remix Forget About The Girl (Rollo Remix) - Mix


George Bennett

EP 'Calling You' - Mix

Dimitra Galani

Album 'Dama Coupa' - Mix


Sergio Galoyan

Hit Single 'Everything' feat. Nire Aldai - Mix

Single 'Found Love' - Mix
Single 'Love You' - Mix
Single 'Break The Night In Two' - Mix
Single 'Knowing You' - Mix


Single 'Carry Me Home' - Mix


Hannah V

Single 'Version 2.0' - Mix


Found It - Single - Mix

Huff & Puff

Single 'Help Me Make It' - Mix

I Am A Blackbird

Single 'This Town' - Mix


Single 'Changes' Feat. Stevie Wonder - Eng

R Kelly

12” Single 'Thank God It’s Friday' - Mix

Living Joy

12” Single 'Dreamer' - Mix


Single 'Sorry' Pet Shop Boys Remix - Mix

Will Martin

Single 'So Far Away' - Add Prod/Mix


Remix 'Get My Honey Come Back' - Mix
(Rollo & Sister Bliss remix)
Mix Single Remix 'Revolver' - Mix


Inna Modja

Album tracks - Album'Hotel Bamako' - Mix

Single 'C'est La Vie' - Mix

Single 'Forgive Yourself' - Mix


Morning Parade

Single 'Kicking Ass' - Mix

Kate Moss

EP and Singles - Mix



12” Single 'You’re Not Alone' (Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix) - Mix

OT Quartet

Single 'Hold That Sucker Down' - Eng

Andrew Parker

Single 'Moments' - Mix


Album -  'How Do You Call It' - Mix

Pet Shop Boys -

Remix - Single 'The Resurrectionist' (Goetz B Remix)

Album 'Nightlife' - Mix

incl hit singles 'New York City Boy'

'Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore'

'You Only Tell Me you Love When You’re Drunk'

Album - Battleship Potemkin’ - Mix
Album tracks PopArt – The Hits - Mix
Mix Single 'I Get Along' - Mix
Album track Disco 2: Absolutely Fabulous (Our Tribe Tongue-In-Cheek Mix) - Mix

Album Soundtrack - 'Psycho 1998'  - Mix

Peabo Bryson

Album 'Stand For Love' - Mix


Pop Levi

Single' Never Never Love' - Add Prod/Mix

Finley Quaye

Album - 'Much More Than Love' - Mix

Queen of Hearts

Single 'Freestyle' - Mix

Single 'Neon' - Mix

Album Track 'Surrender' - Mix

Rollo Goes Camping

Single 'Get Off Your High Horse' - Mix

Rollo Goes Mystic

Single' Love, Love, Love' - Mix


Roxy Music

Single 'Love Is The Drug' (Rollo & Sister Bliss Mixes) - Mix


Kiyoshi Ryujin

Album 'People' - Eng/Mix



Singles - 'How Long' & 'Ivy' - Mix

'In The Morning' - Mix



Album ''Open Water' Co-Write
Album 'Surfin’ on a Backbeat' -Mix

Sigala feat. Paloma Faith

'Lullaby' - Acoustic Version - Mix

Sigala feat. Becky Hill

'I wish you well' - Single -  Acoutsic Version

Sigala feat. Ella Henderson

'We got Love' - Single -  Acoutsic Version


Single 'Open Up the Sky' (Mighty Mouse Remix) - Mix

Simply Red

12” Single 'Fairground' - UK No. 1 - Mix

Sister Bliss

Single' Life’s A Bitch' - Mix


Album 'The Weekend'  - Mix
Singles 'Morning Light' and 'Failure' - Mix



Album - 'Keeping Secrets' - Prod/Mix

Single - 'Feel Good Inc.' - Prod/Mix

'I Saw Stars' - Theme Song for Film 'Secrets Of Moonacre' - Prod/Mix


'Rhythm Is A Dancer' Remix - Mix

Sneaker Pimps

Remix - Single 'Post Modern Sleaze' - Mix

Soft Cell & Pet Shop Boys

Purple Zone - Mix


Album - 'One Touch' - Eng/Mix

including hit singles 'Overload', 'New Year', 'Run For Cover'
Remix 'Round, Round' (Crichton & Craigie remix) - Mix

Donna Summer

Single 'I Feel Love'Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix UK Top 10 - Mix


Single - Passing Through the Century - Mix


12” Single 'Exodus' - Mix



Sigala feat. Rita Ora - You for Me - Mix Acoustic Version

Sigala feat. James Arthur - Lasting Lover - Mix Acoustic Version

Sigala feat. Ella Henderson - We got Love - Mix Acoustic Version

Sigala feat. Becky Hill - Wish You Well - Mix Acoustic Version

Sigala feat. Paloma Faith - Lulluaby - Mix Acoustic Version

Sigala feat. Ella Eyre - Came here for Love - Mix Acoustic Version

Tanita Tikaram

Album 'Closer To The People' - Prod/Record/Mix


Tito Jackson

Album -Title to be confirmed - Mix

Pauline Taylor

Album & Single 'Constantly Waiting' - Rec & Mix

Andrya Triana

Single 'A Town Called Obsolete' - Add Prod/Mix


Single - 'Numb' (Our Tribe Mix) - Mix

Utada Hikaru

Album - Utra Blue - Mix

including hit singles 'Keep Trying', 'Be My Last', 'Passion' & Santuary
Album - Heart Station - Mix

including hit singles 'Flavor Of Life' and 'Beautiful World'


Album 'Heute Ist Jeder Tag' - Prod/Mix

Kristine W

Album One More Try - Rec & Mix
7” & 12” Singles One More Try
7” & 12” Singles Land of The Living

Paul Weller

EP 'The Weaver' - Eng/Mix

Ben Westbeech

Single 'So Good Today' - Add Prod/Mix
Single 'Dance With Me' - Add Prod/Mix


Keisha White

Album 'Out of My Hands' - Mix

Robbie Williams

Single 'She’s Madonna' (Remix) - Mix

The Wonderstuff
Single - 'Full Of Life (Happy Now)' - Mix 12”


Diana Yukawa

Spaces Between Shadows - Album - Record & Mix

Unfolding EP - Record & Mix

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