Soho Sound Kitchen, is a custom build, state of the art studio, designed by Munro Acoustics and myself. It is located at Tileyard Studios, King's Cross, London.

The control room is centred around an SSL E-4044 console, with Adam 5.1 surround sound monitoring, a 48 channel Pro Tools 11 HDX system and a great selection of outboard equipment.

The studio is ideal for both analog and digital production and mixing and it has a projection screen for sound to picture work. It is available for dry hire as well as packaged deals.


Studio Address:

Soho Sound Kitchen

8 Tileyard Road

London N7 9AH



Contact and Bookings: 

Lucy Mathews - Air Management

020 7426 5131



General Enquiries:

Goetz B.

07970 487055




SSL 4044 E


5.1 Surround Monitoring: Adam S3A*3, S2A*2, Sub12
Yamaha NS10
KRK 7000B
Quad 405 Amplifier


Digital Recording:
Apple Mac 2.8Ghz Quad Core Xeon
Avid Pro Tools 10 & 11 HDX
48 Channels In/Out
Interfaces: Avid HD I/O 16*16, 2*Aurora Lynx 16 Channel

Sound to Picture:
Acer HD Projector
Projection Screen
Canopus ADVC 110

TC System 6000 with Mastering Software
Eventide H3000-D/SE
2*Manley Massive Passive EQ
Neve 33609/J Stereo Compressor
2*Empirical Labs EL8 Distressors
3*dbx 120A Subharmonic Synthesizer
Sherman Filter Bank

Mic Pre-Amps:
Neve 1073DPD Two Channel Mic Pre-Amp

Clavia Nord Lead 3 Keyboard
Line 6 Pod XT Pro Guitar Pre and Amp Simulator

Pro Tools HD 10 & 11
Logic Pro 9
Waves Mercury Bundle

Soundtoys Native Effects

Autotune Evo