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Stardust will chronicle the young David Bowie's first visit to the US in 1971 - a trip that inspired the invention of his iconic alter ego Ziggy Stardust.

Director: Gabriel Range

Writers: Christopher Bell, Gabriel Range

Stars: Jena Malone, Johnny Flynn, Marc Maron

Music by Anne Nikitin, mixed by Goetz B

Four Kids and It

Release April 10, 2020

A group of kids on holiday in Cornwall meet a magical creature on the beach with the power to grant wishes.

Director: Andy De Emmony

Writers: Simon Lewis, Mark Oswin (additional writing)

Stars: Paula Patton, Matthew Goode, Michael Caine, Russell Brand

Music by Anne Nikitin, mixed by Goetz B

Narcissus and Glodmund

Goldmund is to study in the monastery Mariabronn. His father sent him there. There he meets a religious monk named Narcissus. He has subjected himself to a strict life and lives completely ascetically.

March 3, 2020

Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky

Writers: Stefan Ruzowitzky, Hermann Hesse (novel)

Stars: Sabrin Tambrea, Jannis Niewöhner, Emilia Schüle, Roxane Duran

Music by Henning Fuchs, mixed by Goetz B

The Pale Horse

BBC One Two Part Drama Series

Written by Agatha Christie, Sarah Phelps

Stars: Rufus Sewell, Kaya Scodelario, Georgina Campbell

Release Feb 9, 2020

Music by Anne Nikitin, mixed by Goetz B.

Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

Theme tune & tiles music

written by John Haywood

mixed by Goetz B.

Doctor Who Series 12

Writer: Chris Chibnall

Starring: Jodie Whittaker

Composer: Segun Akinola

Score mixed by Goetz B. 2019/2020

Lost Girls

When Mari Gilbert's daughter disappears, police inaction drives her own investigation into the gated Long Island community where Shannan was last seen. Her search brings attention to over a dozen murdered sex workers.

Director: Liz Garbus

Writers: Robert Kolker (book), Michael Werwie

Stars: Thomasin McKenzie, Amy Ryan, Dean Winters |

Music by Anne Nikitin

Score and OST mixed by Goetz B

Sulphur and White

Feature Film starring Anna Friel and Mark Stanley

Writer: Susie Farrell

Director: Julian Jarrold

Composer: Anne Nikitin

Released: 2020

Scored my by Goetz B.

Britannia Season 2, Episodes 3, 9 and 10

In 43 AD, the Roman Army returns to crush the Celtic heart of Britannia.

Creators: Jez Butterworth, Tom Butterworth, James Richardson

Stars: Mackenzie Crook, David Morrissey, Nikolaj Lie Kaas

Music by Neil Davidge, mixed by Goetz B.


A look at the rise and fall of disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein featuring interviews with former colleagues and those who accused him of sexual misconduct.

Director: Ursula Macfarlane

Stars: Erika Rosenbaum, Nannette Klatt, Ken Auletta

Music by Anne Nikitin, 2019

Film score and OST mixed by Goetz B.

The Trial of Ratko Mladic

The war crimes trial of one of the most infamous figures from the Balkan wars of the 1990s.

Directors: Robert Miller (as Rob Miller), Henry Singer

Stars: Ratko Mladic, Camille Bibles, Elvedin Pasic

Music by Anne Nikitin, mixed by Goetz B.

Release : April 2019

Dr Who Season 11 Original TV Soundtrack

Mixed by Goetz, 2018

The Last Tree

Femi is a British boy of Nigerian heritage who, after a happy childhood in rural Lincolnshire, moves to inner London to live with his mum. Struggling with the unfamiliar culture and values of his new environment, teenage Femi has to figure out which path to adulthood he wants to take.

Feature Film directed by Shola Amoo

Music by Segun Akinola

Score mixed by Goetz B. 2019

Mrs Wilson

Three part BBC mini Series starring Ruth Wilson

Composer: Anne Nikitn

Score mixed by Goetz B. 2018

Doctor Who Series 11

Mixed Score for Episodes 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10

Music by Segun Akinola

Score mixed by Goetz B. 2018

UEFA Champions League

Anthem, Theme Tune and Titles Music for 2018/19, 2019/2020 Seasons

Produced by Matt Clifford

Composer Tony Britten

Mix by Goetz B

American Animals

American Animals is both a thrilling heist film and an existential journey of four misguided young men searching in all the wrong places for identity, meaning, adventure, and the kind of life that movies are made about.

Director: Bart Leyton

Starring: Evan Peters, Barry Keoghan, Blake Jenner, Jared Abrahamson, Ann Dowd

Udo Kier

Composer: Anne Nikitin

Score Mixed by: Goetz B.

Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival, 2018

The Split


Six Part Mini-Series

Starring Nicola Walker and Stephen Mangan

Score by Isobel Waller-Bridge

Score Mixed by Goetz B. 2018

Hard Sun

Two detectives with opposing viewpoints are forced to work together in a pre-apocalyptic criminal world.

BBC One - Six Part Drama Series

Starring: Jim Sturgess, Agyness Dean

Music by: Neil Davidge

Score Mix: Goetz B. Ep 5

Transmission starts January 6th, 2018

The Grand Tour

Starring: Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond

Season 2, Title Music Mix by Goetz B.

Composer: Matt Clifford


Striking Out

Irish television legal drama series, broadcast on RTÉ

Starring: Amy Huberman

Music by: Jack C Arnold

Season Two, Score my by Goetz B.


Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable

Film by Damien Hirst

Music by Anne Nikitin

Score Mix - 2017



Director: Morgan Mathews

Composers: Martin Phipps, Isobel Waller-Bridge

Score Mix - 2017


Channel 4

8 Part Series

Composer: Jack Arnold

Score Mix - 2017

One Of Us

BBC 1 - TV Mini Series

Starring Kate Bracken, Georgina Campbell, Joe Dempsie

Music by Dominic Scherrer

Mix - 2016


BBC - 5 Part Mini Series

Starring: Jodie Comer, Aneurin Barnard, Richard Rankin

Music: Jon Opsted

Mix - 2016


Film - Horror Drama

Director: Steve Stone

Starring: David O'Hara, Isabelle Allen, Toyah Wilcox

Credit: Score Mix

Composer: John Koutselinis


War And Peace

BBC Six Part Drama

Starring: James Norton, Aneurin Barnard, Jessie Buckley

Music: Martin Phipps


Emmy Award Nominee:

Outstanding Music Composition For A Limited Series, Movie Or Special (Original Dramatic Score) - 2016

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs - directed by Danny Boyle

Starring Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen

Composer: Daniel Pemberton

Credit: Mix 


Nominated in 2016 for Golden Globe award for best score

Don't Hang Up

Directed by Damien Mace and Alex Wajsbrot

Starring: Sienna Guillory, Greg Sulkin

Music: Aleksi Aubrey-Carlson

Credit: Mix



The Interceptor

BBC 1 -  TV Drama, Series 1 Episodes 1-8

Music: Paul Thomson

Credit: Mix



The Confessions of Thomas Quick

Feature Film Documentary

Director: Brian Hill

Music: Nainita Desai 

Credit: Mix Original Theme Song


Robot Overlords

Director: Jon Wright

Stars: Gillian Anderson, Ben Kingsley, Callan McAuliffe 

Music: Christian Henson

Credit: Mix



Under The Skin

Directed by Jonathan Glazer

Starring: Scarlett Johanson

Composer: Mica Levi

Credit: Engineer/Mix

Bafta Nominated Best Score



Sanctuary (Freistatt)

Directed by Marc Brummond

Starring: Jonas Berg, Louis Hofmann, Alexander Held

Music: Anne Nikitin

Credit: Mix

Award Max Ophüls Preis



Barclays Premier League Theme Song

Barclays Premier League Anthem: Gloria

By David Hodson Lowe, Martin Brammer and Simon Darlow

Credit: Mix


War Book

Director: Tom Harper

Starring: Ben Chaplin, Phoebe Fox

Music: Jack C. Arnold

Credit: Mix


A Brilliant Young Mind (X+Y)

Director: Morgan Mathews

Starring: Asa Butterfield, Rafe Spall, Sally Hawkins

Music: Martin Phipps

Credit: Mix



The Leftovers

TV Series HBO, Series 1 Episodes 8, 9, 10, Series 2 Episode 6 & 10

Composer: Max Richter

Credit Mix


The Keeping Room

Director: Daniel Barber

Starring: Brit Marling, Hailee Steinfeld, Sam Worthington

Music: Martin Phipps

Credit: Mix



The Patrol

Director:Tom Petch

Music: James McWilliam

Credit: Mix


Alien Isolation

Video Game

Music: Joe Henson, Alexis Smith, Christian Henson

Credit: Mix


Bafta for Best Audio Achievement, Bafta Nomination for Best Music


Born of War

Director: Morgan Mathews

Music: James McWilliam

Credit: Mix




Trap For Cinderella

Director: Ian Sofltey

Starring:  Tuppence Middleton, Aneurin Barnard, Frances de la Tour

Composer: Christian Henson



Agatha Christie Poirot

Season 12 and 13

Composer: Christian Henson


2011 - 2013

The Imposter

Director: Bart Leyton

Music: Anne Nikitin

Credit: Mix

Bafta Award for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer 




Director: Jon Wright

Music: Christian Henson

Credit: Mix




TV Series

Starring: Elliot Knight, Marama Corlett, Elliot Cowan

Music: Christian Henson



Storage 24

Director: Johannes Roberts

Music: Christian Henson

Credit: Mix



Wild Bill

Written and Directed by Dexter Fletcher

Stars:  Charlie Creed-Miles, Will Poulter, Sammy Williams

Composer: Christian Henson

Credit: Mix


Bafta Nomination, Outstanding Debut 2013


Director: Tanya Wrexler

Starring: Maggie Gyllenhall, Hugh Dancy

Composer: Christian Henson



Chalet Girl

Director: Phil Traill

Stars: Felicity Jones, Ed Westwick, Bill Nighy 

Composer: Christian Henson

Credit: Mix


Up There

Director: Zam Salim

Stars: Burn Gorman, Jo Hartley, Iain De Caestecker |

Composer: Christian Henson

Credit: Mix


The Fades

BBC Series

Composer: Paul Thomson



Kidnap and Ransom

ITV Drama Series

Starring: Trevor Eve, Helen Baxendale

Composer: Christian Henson

Credit: Mix Series 1



Black Death

Director: Christopher Smith

Starring: Eddie Redmayne, Sean Bean, Carice van Houten

Composer: Christian Henson




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