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Music Production:

Producing Music is what it's all about. It is the process of taking a raw song or idea and turning it into the master recording, ready for release.



Recording is all about getting hold of the best sound and performance, whether it is a 64-piece orchestra, a punk band or a hot new singer.



The process of turning all the separate parts and recordings into great record, which sounds great wherever it is played.


Surround Sound:

 5.1 it is mainly used in sound to picture applications, movies, games and TV.



I have a great passion for recording and mixing film scores. One of my latest film scores, ’Steve Jobs’, was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in 2016 and the film is up for two Academy Awards.



Mixing TV scores is similar to mixing film scores, sometimes on a slightly smaller scale, even though these days; there are some very exciting and big budget TV series around.


Sound to Picture:

All audio applications, which have music running alongside picture, mainly Games, Films and TV



Combining Music, Dialog and Sound FX into the finished track which accompanies the picture. 



Mastering is the final step in the production chain. The mastering engineer uses equalization, compression and limiting to make sure the record sounds as great as it possibly can across all frequencies, and that is nice and loud.


Home Studio Visits:

When the budget isn't there to use a proper studio, or the music is work in progress, which the composer has to keep on his own system, I can come and be the mix doctor and do home visits.



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